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Humans Rot. They rot, and let off the scent of decay, and so they make everything around them rot as well. It must be rather a luscious perfume to a fly. But one should stay away from the dead that are already buried. It is wisest to devour it when it has begun rotting...When the sweet flavour is strongest. - Hades (Aki)
I have found my muse, the allusive little demon it is, and have finally returned to my beloved writing after all these long, mindless months. Which means I've actually returned to my more serious writing and my fanfictions. Now I know some people frown on fanfics, but they are actually hard to write, especially with characters not your own.

Moving on, I have quite a few new ideas I've jotted down or actually have typed up (meaning about 20, 000 words or so), but I'm not quite sure which I'll finish first, but, until I do start uploading, I'll write a list down here of what I've got so far (this will probably updated multiple times as the plot bunnies ravage my mind, but whatever).

So! I've got:

Tears from Paradise (Bleach: Ulquihime) Now,  I've already uploaded a WIP of this, but what I've got now has changed a lot, and the overall plot has gone over so many revisions that it is barely recognizable as what it was. And I've hit a rather large bump with it, so it isn't going anywhere currently, but that happens.

Summary- N/A

Purgatory (Twilight/Maximum Ride) Heh, don't give me that look. I hate Twilight as much as the next guy, but I was hit rather hard with this plot that I've got a couple of days ago and can't get it out of my mind, so I'm seeing where it will take me.

Summary- N/A

Shattāmasuku (Naruto/Harry Potter) Yeah. I don't really like either of these series, but I can't resist the draw of this. I don't know if I got the title ^ of this right, its supposed to be "Shattered Masks" or something close to it.

Summary- Warped, twisted, demon, these things had been spat at Orochimaru for most of his life, and deep down he feared that he might be becoming these things they so harshly called. But among those hapless fools he called team-mates, he found a loving peace he had never once experienced before. But when assigned an S-Rank ANBU mission, he finds himself and everything he has come to care for by the dark lure of a so-called Dark Lords magic. Sucky summary is sucky

Misuto no tani (Naruto/Harry Potter) Same shtick as above, but with the more common factor of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Don't got much on this so far.

Whiskey (Maximum Ride/G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)Yeah, mostly writing this for the amusement of my brothers, but I think I got it going pretty good. So, crossed fingers!

Summary- They had taken everything from him. The love of his life, his brothers, his sisters, fuck, even his voice. It was all gone in an instant, and all he had left was a whisper. An act of mercy, little boy, let's see how it rots your soul.

Kareta Hazu (D. Gray-Man/Harry Potter) Nothing available on this for the moment, but it is Kanda/Lenalee.

Seven (Twilight/Hellsing Why yes, this is an elaborate bash for my own personal amusement. Formerly Tides of Change, me and my co figured it would be best to re-write this after we looked over three years worth of development.  Will be uploaded to fanfiction only.

Summary- Drăcuşor. Blood sucking Imps thought long extinct. Alucard was going to enjoy this.

Plot of all these (c) Soul + Cookie (I'll Buy Your Soul @ Fanfiction)/Argint-Diavol (deviantart)
Characters belong to their respective owners.
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